If the Ningaloo coast didn’t already offer enough with its bright blue skies, golden sandy beaches and long stretches of colourful coral reef, it’s also recognised as one of the world’s most important nesting grounds for green and loggerhead turtles. So much so, that if you’re taking a wander along the beach at this time of year you will be greeted by a spectacular show of nature as hundreds of turtles prepare for mating season. 

From November to March, the mature female turtles make the demanding journey from the sea to the beach ready to lay their eggs. For six weeks, the eggs are left to their own devices, before the hatchlings begin to emerge and make their way to the sea. It’s an extraordinary show that you’ll want to make sure you catch sight of if you find yourself on the West Coast. 

Where to spot turtles hatching

With there being a few spots that make the perfect hatching habitat for the turtles, you’ve got a good chance of grabbing a glimpse of the spectacle. You can head to the resort where the staff will be able to book you onto a tour, visit the turtle centre or safely search along the sand yourself. 

Jurabi Turtle Centre

Situated just 20km from Exmouth, the turtle centre is the best place to have the full experience and learn everything there is to know about these magical marine creatures. You can book onto a turtle eco-education tour where you will learn about how important the preservation of turtles is right now and what you can do to help. Book a tour here, or head to the resort, where the staff ensure you make the most of your experience. 

Five Mile Beach & Wobiri

Just a 25-minute drive away from the resort on the North West tip of Exmouth Peninsula, popular surf spot Five Mile Beach offers both a great viewing spot and relaxing day out. Plus, it’s also a good way to grab some shelter with a cooler temperature too. 

The Top Tourism Awards are held annually in Western Australia and celebrate our diverse holiday scene here in WA. This year marks the 30th year of GWN celebrating excellence in commitment to tourism alongside engaging and innovative tourist facilities and experiences available.

For the first time in its history, the public was able to cast a vote – and incredibly the public vote made up 70% of the town’s score. The remaining 30% was decided with the opinion of a panel of tourism industry judges.

The 2019 Winner

All potential towns and regions had to compete by going through a vigorous process involving both a video showcasing what each tourist destination had to offer as well as a sample itinerary for visitors. Exmouth was awarded the GWN7 Top Tourism Town, followed by the notable Albany and Esperance. It seems Western Australians can’t get enough of the beach and the beautiful blue waters our coastline boasts. 

Why Exmouth?

Exmouth is located in the North of the Coral Coast region of Western Australia and is approximately 1200km north of Perth. Exmouth is the closest town to the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef which is the world’s largest fringing reef.

What makes Exmouth so special? It has something for everyone. From the clear blue beaches with stunning coral and sea life; beautiful weather with sunshine on average of 320 days per year and the luxury of both sunset and sunrise views over the ocean; magnificent gorges you can hike, 4×4 or just enjoy the view; all coupled with wildlife attractions, epic fishing, and of course, the Ningaloo Reef.

If that’s not enough, consult the award-winning itinerary for more attractions including the town’s award winning bakery and breweries where you can rub shoulders with the friendly and laidback locals. Based on the itinerary here are a few of our top recommended attractions:

The Ningaloo Reef

The Ningaloo Reef is an unmissable attraction at Exmouth. The choice is yours with boat cruises to spot Humpback Whales playfully breaching, soar above the reef in a scenic microlight flight or decide to take the plunge into the waters and meet a whale shark- it all makes for an unforgettable experience. The benefit of the fringing reef means you can explore the coastal corals at your leisure without needing a boat or a tour. Turtles, stingrays, fish and even tiny reef sharks live in the shallow waters which are easily accessible from shore. 

The Cape Range

After being astounded at the underwater life you could be forgiven for thinking there was nothing else that could top those sights. However, Exmouth has some especially breath-taking gorges for those who like to take the road less travelled. Visit the Cape Range to admire Mandu Mandu Gorge, Shothole Canyon and Charles Knife Gorge. This is where you will encounter Australia’s unique flora and fauna, including red kangaroos, goannas, echidnas and maybe even a rock wallaby or two.

Yardie Creek

Experience a beautiful natural environment where the ocean meets the creek. You can explore with a kayak, join the boat cruise or walk beside the picturesque creek. Learn about Indigenous history and enjoy the views of the breathtaking gorges on a Yardie Creek boat cruise whilst spotting the endangered rock wallabies.

The Number One Rated Seafood Restaurant

There are a variety of restaurants available in Exmouth, however, if you’re interested in an excellent dining experience with locally caught, fresh seafood choose the number 1 rated seafood restaurant- Whalers Restaurant. Whalers is found within a superb setting overlooking the resort pool and manicured gardens, giving you the tropical and relaxed feel you want on holiday.

Need To Get Around?

To make the most of your Exmouth experience you ideally need your own transport to visit the sights and attractions. For easy car hire, contact Escape Car Hire. Whether you need a car for just one day or your entire stay, their automatic sedans and 4WDs will comfortably take you and four other passengers to most destinations around the Ningaloo area. In house, guests receive a 10% discount on all car hire rates to give you the best value for money possible.

Needing Accommodation? 

For a home away from home, check-in at the Exmouth Escape Resort. We offer modern and luxurious self-contained accommodation. With a variety of three different types of Villas and Apartments, you’ll be able to find the ideal accommodation to suit your needs and offer you a relaxed and enjoyable stay. All accommodation in the resort is fully furnished and self-serviced with a swimming pool, car hire and an on-site restaurant available to make your Exmouth experience unforgettable.

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