When you’re on holiday, you want everything to be as effortless as possible. The last thing you need is a task like washing the boat to take up too much of your precious holiday time. At Exmouth Escape Resort, we are the only resort in the area to offer a free boat wash down facilities for all of our guests.

At the resort, you will find a free boat wash station located at the rear of the resort. Available for all guests, it will mean your stay will be completely effortless. With tap and hose (tap fittings and hose supplied) you can rinse down vessels or cars and flush motors. Everything you need to keep your boat in the best condition all from the comfort of your own resort.

Available from 8:00am – 6:00pm, there’s plenty of time to make use of the exceptional service. Time washing when it works for you and avoid letting this task take up any more of your valuable holiday time than necessary. Don’t waste your energy battling with finding anywhere else to clean because staying at the Exmouth Escape Resort couldn’t be more convenient.