Exmouth is all about adventure. Whether you’re exploring the underwater world of the Ningaloo Marine life, or venturing across the heights of the Cape Range National Park, there’s an endless list of things to do in Exmouth WA… with every type of adventurer in mind. 

As the largest fringing reef in Australia, boasting an outstanding array of species all within one site, Ningaloo Reef is a must-see for everyone looking to spend some time underwater. If you’re looking at either diving or snorkelling, you’re guaranteed to see some unforgettable sights on your Ningaloo Reef venture. 

And it’s not just the underwater views that will catch your eye. The Cape Range National Park covers more than 50,000 hectares featuring breathtaking canyons and spectacular views of the picturesque coastline. Here you will find an outstanding selection of wild species of both animals and plants to fuel your on-land adventure. 

Ningaloo Reef to Range Tours

Encompassing all of the wonders to be found on the World Heritage Ningaloo Coast Line, the Reef to Range Tours are the best way to get a taste of all of the world famous beaches, bays and gorges that this spectacular coastline has to offer. 

Ningaloo Ecology Cruises – Glass Bottom Boat

With the Ningaloo Reef housing several species of spectacular marine fish, turtles, nourished corals, sting rays and so much more, this boat tour is the ultimate way of bringing the underwater world to life. 

Birds Eye View Ningaloo

Want to have the best views of the canyons, wildlife, crystal clear waters and the infamous Whale Sharks and Whales? Fly like a bird and soar over the spectacular views with this unique tour. 

Yardie Creek Boat Tours

Cruise along the Yardie Creek in eco-friendly style with this relaxing, yet incredible informative boat tour. You will walk away packed full of knowledge and memories to last a lifetime. 

Ningaloo Safari Tours

Experience a true Aussie adventure with the exclusive Ningaloo Safari boat Tour. Cruise the tranquil waters of Yardie Creek, where the majestic creatures await you, and dive into the crystal clear depths of the wonderland that is Ningaloo Marine Park. 

Ningaloo Cruise

Looking for a relaxing trip that’s still packed full of things to do in Exmouth WA? Explore pristine waters, relax in empty beaches and islands, come close to the majestic whales, dugongs, turtles, rays and tropical reef fish on this easy cruise.

Sail Ningaloo

Experience the Ningaloo Reef in style on a luxurious catamaran. Explore the world’s most spectacular pristine coral and come close to everything you have dreamed of seeing on this beautiful coastline in one day’s trip.

Snorkel Ningaloo

Due to its unique and profound diversity, this World Heritage Site is one of the last healthy coral reef systems in the world. That means there is some of the world’s most spectacularly unique wildlife waiting to be explored when you book yourself into a snorkel adventure. 

Dive Ningaloo

A diverse paradise, the Ningaloo reef boasts hundreds of corals, an abundance of fish, beautifully clear dive conditions and plenty of surprises along the way. With a team of expert divers leading you, you’ll be in for the dive of your life. 

Norwest Air Work

Get in on the adventure from above, with this popular scenic flight of Exmouth that lets you soar over the magnificent coastline and gorges. Sit back and enjoy a spectacular view of the Whale Sharks, Exmouth humpback whales and manta rays from the sky. 

Ultimate Watersport

Boasting some of the best beaches in Australia, there really is no better place to venture into the world of watersports. Regardless of your experience, there is a water sport activity for everyone amongst the glassy West Coast waters.  

Exmouth Adventure Co

Gliding over clear, turquoise waters in a sea kayak you will be in awe at the wonders that are swimming beneath you. Equipped with a snorkel, you will find yourself amongst the action and can expect to spot incredible wildlife, including turtles, rays and schools of tropical fish.

YellowFin Tours

Connect with nature and awaken your adventurous side with this unforgettable view of Australia’s most impressive hidden hideaways. This kayak tour will guide you through all the best spots and put you face-to-face with spectacular wildlife and vibrant coral. 

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